Garrett Maged

Assistant Portfolio Manager

Garrett has had a fascination with the financial markets since learning about the concepts behind options trading early on while in college. This interest was taken further during the cryptocurrency boom in the late 2010’s and he was intrigued by the intricacies of wall street. The perpetually changing market conditions, the opportunity to continue learning, and how challenging the markets can be to achieving a successful outcome all left Garrett engrossed. Garrett identified that appropriate strategy and discipline was the key to success in the financial markets. Garrett brings to Lifetime Wealth Management a significant background in technical analysis and has developed strategies using tools such as Bollinger bands, money flow index, and other indicators to fit market conditions. After spending time as a trading assistant during 2018 and 2019, Garrett has now returned to Lifetime Wealth Management as an Assistant Portfolio Manager after completing his Bachelor of Science degree at George Mason University in July 2019.

Outside of LWM and investment management, Wrestling was another passion of his. He wrestled all 4 years in High School and did so for two years at Ursinus College outside of Philadelphia. He remains physically active through regular physical training and in competitive sports via Ju Jitsu.

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